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23 Things programme, Thing 2 (blogging)

This week in 23ThingsEdUni, I'll be getting situated to the 23ThingsEdUni programme (Thing 1) and starting up up my blog (Thing 2).

My responses to this week's prompts:

A) what you hope to gain out of the 23 Things programme. I've been keen to do the 23 Things programme for some time now. I've always been attracted to opportunities for practical professional development. Although I am familiar with some of the things of the 23 Things List (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), but unfamiliar with a lot of other things (e.g. Copyright, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Wikimedia). I've been thinking a lot about using social media and digital tools more mindfully and with intention, so I saw this self-directed course as an opportunity to provide myself with a weekly time to dedicate to review, reflect and experiment with different tools. I am also doing the programme alongside a set of other PhD students, which I think will be invaluable to the experience--both in that we are havi…

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